Economic Times Gujarati: An In-Depth Guide to The Ethnic Business Boom


The Indian Business field doesn’t only belong to the popular Hindi and English news sector but the Economic Times Gujarati has carved out a successful niche in the ethnic business realm. The language, Gujarati, is native to Western Indian territory, Gujarat and is not only spoken by millions in India, but also in numerous parts of the world. Dominating the coastal economic belt, it broadcasts a rich and diversified business culture, and the Economic Times Gujarati helps in bringing this vibrant trade world to light.

A Grand Overview of The Gujarati Business Culture

The Gujarati community has masterminded global entrepreneurship, occupying significant spots in the global economic map. They exhibit a unique mindset and approach towards business, characterized by calculated risks and an intuitive understanding of money management. The Gujaratis have made their mark in various sectors – textiles, diamonds, pharmaceuticals, and more recently, in the information technology industry. With Gujarat being home to Asia’s first potentially green city, the Economic times Gujarati features all the latest initiatives, news, and trends in the field of sustainable business.

Utilizing Gujarat’s Rich Natural Resources

Gujarat’s landscape is brimming with untapped potential – the fertile land, an extensive coastline, and rich mineral resources represents. The state capitalizes on these, and thanks to its strategic location, Gujarat has developed a reputation for producing India’s finest textile products. Whether it’s the world-renowned Patan Patolas or the Bandni of Bhuj, Economic Times Gujarati lays bare the intricacies of this admirable textile industry. Moreover, the flourishing petroleum and petrochemical industries also provide a large pool of opportunities for global players to invest in.

Economic Times Gujarati and Its Sharp Coverage of The Information Technology Flourish

The technological boom in India’s Silicon Valley hasn’t left Gujarat untouched. Gujaratis are adopting modern methods to drive their traditional businesses; there has been greater emphasis on digitization and e-commerce activities. Gujarat’s Government has also launched the "Digital Gujarat" initiative under the Digital India campaign which will digitize government departments for reducing red tape, thus enabling smoother transactions. Economic Times Gujarati captures this rapid transformation in Gujarat’s IT industry, reinforcing the changing paradigm of doing business in Gujarat.

Economic Times Gujarati’s Coverage of Special Economic Zones and Mega Industrial Hubs

Gujarat is home to some of the biggest Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in India, hubs that facilitate businesses with world-class infrastructure and tax advantages. The Mundra SEZ is the largest private port in India and The Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT city) is a one-of-a-kind project aimed to cater to India’s large financial service potentials. Economic Times Gujarati showcases developments in these economic powerhouses.

Gujarat- A paragon of Solar Power Economy

The desolate brittle land of Bhuj has seen the rise of solar power as a mainstay. Under its solar energy policy, Gujarat aims to sustain its environment by introducing sustainable energy. The Economic Times Gujarati navigates these policies and projects, scrutinizing their execution and their impact on the Gujarati economy.


The Economic Times Gujarati has established itself as an authoritative source of the region’s growing industries, well-rounded coverage of the state’s unique entrepreneurial traditions. Instilling a deep understanding of the Gujarati approach to business, it is an eye-opener for both locals and the global audience. It mirrors the transformation of the Gujarati business along the lines of modern, sustainable development. Pushing boundaries, it marks its spot on the global digital platform and is a testament to the strength of language-specific news sites.

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