A Comprehensive Overview on ARA Asset Management: Navigating the Real Estate Market with Confidence


ARA Asset Management, a renowned global integrated real estate fund manager, provides unparalleled services to its clients by combining innovative business perspectives with rigid risk management processes. The pronounced level of expertise and professionalism rendered by this institution is reversing the narrative in the real estate market, proving that real estate investments go beyond owning physical properties.

ARA Asset Management: Understanding the Path-Paver in Real Estate

ARA Asset Management, listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange, is recognized as the premier real estate fund manager in Asia. Owning assets across 28 countries, it has proven its prowess in offering investors a diversified selection of outstanding products and services, from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), private real estate, to infrastructure funds and many more.

The Driving Force behind ARA Asset Management

The unequivocal success of ARA Asset Management emanates from its customer-centric approach. Here, the customer is integral to every transaction, every piece of advice, and every decision made. This core value has guided ARA’s strategy, ensuring that it creates and delivers real estate products and services tailored to meet clients’ varying needs.

Implementing Unmatched Strategies: ARA Asset Management’s Approach

ARA Asset Management is committed to providing superior risk-adjusted returns over a period to its clients through implementing strategies that encompass Property based and Non-Property based. Property strategies focus on direct real estate assets, REITs and more, while Non-Property based strategies expand on the management of securities, funds of funds, and hedge funds.

The Impact of ARA Asset Management in the Real Estate Market

ARA Asset Management is changing the face of the real estate market through their excellent Integrated Digital Ecosystem Strategy that consistently increases AUM and delivers outstanding returns to its shareholders.

Harnessing the Potential of Technology in Real Estate

ARA Asset Management has distinguished itself through digitization and automation. They utilize technology in performance analysis, market trends forecasting, and risk assessment, rendering efficient and faster processes which ultimately provide results that exceed the expectations of their customers.

Diversified Portfolio: ARA Asset Management’s Competitive Edge

ARA Asset Management’s capacity to form a diversified portfolio has positioned them as a leading player, giving their customers a multitude of investment options spread across different asset classes and geographies.

Real Estate Sustainability Practices by ARA Asset Management

ARA Asset Management lays a strong emphasis on adopting sustainability practices in their operations. They are firmly committed to integrating ESG principles into their investment decision-making and ownership practices.


ARA Asset Management’s unprecedented growth and success illustrate the undeniable power of blending traditional real estate strategies with modern technological prowess. As more individuals and corporate entities continue to acknowledge this fact, the trajectory of ARA Asset Management will continue to soar high into the future of global real estate management.

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